Terrace Door

Designed for Areas with High Stress, Heavy Air and Water Infiltration with Twelve (12) Locking Points.


  • Decorative beveled glazing bead for a contemporary streamline design.
  • Optional forth hinge for added support on over-sized doors.
  • All frames and door sashes have a thermal barrier
    which eliminates transfer of outside cold to the door interior.
  • Heavy-duty hinges, fully adjustable for tighter seals.
  • Multi-lock hardware available for added security.
  • Hardware available in standard color, White, Bronze and Silver paint. (brass plate handle)
  • Spring latch to position locking every time.
  • 1” threshold for a lower profile which will eliminate tripping hazards when entering or exiting from door.
  • Glazing ¼” thru 1” glazing available in tempered glass with optional low “E”.
Test Size Rating Air
Water Uniform
TRS-6207 (opens in) 61×97 OA-HGO-HC65 25.75 PSF 15.25 PSF 97.5 PSF
TRS-7008 (opens out) ADTHC100 12.0 PSF 60.0 PSF 150.0 PSF
TRS-8000 (opens in/ out) 41×91 SWD-HC75 25.0 PSF 20.0 PSF 100.0 PSF