Historic Landmark Casement

Full-view heavy commercial aluminum windows with top air and water infiltration performance.

New York City Approved Casement Window with Hopper Provides 31% More Ventilation

Introducing a thermally-improved heavy commercial aluminum out-swing casement window, made in the classic narrow-sightline image of historic steel casement windows.

The Thermo-Roll Landmark Casement is an ideal choice for historic residential co-ops – and even warehouse condo conversions, protected by local and national historic commission standards.

Aesthetic Values

  • Elegant sightlines that emulate original steel casement windows.
  • Architectural interest: beveled exterior face replicates historic steel window.
  • Compatible with historic panning and classic brick mould
  • Combine fixed, awning and casement vents in the combination you choose.
  • Choose different colors, inside and out, thanks to patented joinery system.
  • Muntins: choice of internal or external applied.






  • Manufactured to meet the most demanding weather conditions.Sure seal against leaks with double compression weather stripping.

  • AMMA rated C-HC50, AW 40 TRS 12
  • Air @ 50 MP .10 (.08) CFMWater penetration: none at a test pressure of 8.0 PSF
  • Structural load test: passed at 112.5 PSF
  • Uniform deflection: no more that L/175 when tested at static air pressure difference of 50 PSF
  • Forced entry resistance = Grade 10
  • Outstanding protection against condensation on glass, thanks to two 3/16” glass lites separated by desiccant-filled, tubular aluminum spacer and laminated lites for sound deadening
  • Outstanding protection against seal failure: 10-year warranty on glass
  • No storm windows needed, thanks to Insulated Glass (IG) System
  • Structurally-glazed glass lites

Thermo Roll’s Design Flexibility Engineering allows for the Windows to be Fabricated With the Mosaic or Universal Frame for Longevity & Lower Costs

Test Size Rating Air
Water Uniform
TRS-2002 36×60 C-AW40 6.24 PSF 8 PSF 60 PSF
TRS-2003 32×60 C-C50 6.24 PSF 8 PSF 60 PSF