Outswing Casement

An ideal window for maximum view, ventilation and egress. Unique Design allows for Roto Operator With Special Hinge that permits window washing from the inside.


  • Frame and vent members are double tubular extrusions
  • Corners are reinforced with gussets before crimping
  • Hardware is fastened with screws through two walls


  • Glazing gasket is Neoprene for ozone/UV resistance
  • Vent-to-frame gaskets are EPDM to prevent shrinkage
  • Hinges are stainless steel for corrosion resistance


  • 1” insulating glass; interior bead glazing adapter for fixed
  • Concealed adjustable stainless-steel 4-bar hinges
  • White bronze cam handles and strikes
  • All frames and vents thermally improved using latest technology


  • Dual-glazed (split vent): maximum 3/4″ exterior and interior
  • Triple-glazed (split vent): 3/4″ insulating glass exterior and maximum 1/4″ Interior
  • Root operator
  • Butt hinges: multi-point lock
  • Integral mullions
    (specify sill/left jamb-to-CMR dimension)
  • Insect screens: interior full-width or with wickets
  • Exterior or internal muntins
  • Internal blinds
  • Exterior washability feature

Thermo Roll’s Design Flexibility Engineering allows for the Windows to be Fabricated With the Mosaic or Universal Frame for Longevity & Lower Costs

Test Size Rating Air
Water Uniform
TRS-6202 36×60 C-AW40 6.2.0 PSF 8 PSF 60 PSF
TRS-7002 32×60 C-AW50 8.2 PSF 8 PSF 87.50 PSF